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What Are Flavour Drops?

Flavour drops/Concentrates are water soluble flavourings, designed to add specific tastes (depending on your flavour drop of choice), to drinks or meals.

The majority of flavour drops contain little to no sugar, fat or calories, making them a popular choice among those who are following certain diets, counting their macros or working towards a specific weight loss, fitness or muscle-building goal.

Why Would I Need Flavour Drops?

Why would someone need to add flavour drops to their drinks or meals? Keep reading.

You’re trying to lose weight and you want to cut calories… We aren’t massive advocates of following strict, restrictive diets. It’s far better sticking to a manageable, well-rounded diet that allows you to eat well and manage your weight as you see fit. However, for those who are looking to lose weight, safely and efficiently, excessive calories will most certainly slow your progress down.

Take your morning coffee, for example. Lattes, cappuccinos and everything in between are laden with hundreds of ‘empty’ calories that do little to boost body or mind. Going black, however, is hard to stomach, and for many, the taste is too extreme. Rather than forgo your commuting cup of java, you can always add a splash of almond milk to your mug with a flavour drop of your choice. Fan of toffee in your coffee? There’s a flavour drop for that.

Your diet is boring you and you want to cut sugar… Now, we’re not saying apple flavoured drops added to your chicken and rice will work, but what about your breakfast protein pancakes? Or your lunchtime yoghurt and granola? Yoghurt is a great source of protein and an ideal snack to help hit your macros. But many are high in calories. Why not opt for low fat and add in your flavour drop of choice?

As for pancakes, who doesn’t like them dotted with chocolate chips or drizzled in honey? But that sugar quickly adds up. Dropping in a couple of chocolate-flavoured drops to the mix will help hit that much needed fix while keeping your S levels where they should be.

Your protein shake needs an upgrade… Protein shakes can sometimes feel like a right drag (made even worse if you haven’t cleaned it out properly from the day before).

We also all have our preferred protein brands, ones that agree with our stomach, our protein shaker and our dishwasher, but a lot of the time we have to compromise on the taste. With flavour drops, you’re able to add your preferred taste to your brand’s most neutral flavour, making those post-workout chugs that little easier. You can also mix it up. Enjoy chocolate and banana smoothies? Grab your chocolate whey protein and add in a couple of banana tasting flavour drops.

How to Use Flavour Drops

Using flavour drops is largely down to personal preference. Myprotein, for example, recommend adding between seven and 10 drops to your desired food or beverage, but that it should be adjusted to taste. Bulk, on other hand, for a 200ml liquid, recommend dispensing 10-20 drops.

One thing we’d say, don’t put too much in and start slowly. And probably best to not drink from the bottle.

Are Flavour Drops Dangerous?

There are very few peer-reviewed scientific studies on flavoured water drops, but it’s widely accepted that flavour drops are not damaging to one’s health.